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The Rise Of Activity Based Working

Globalisation and technology have not only changed how we work, but where we conduct daily activities in the workplace. According to the Telsyte Australian Digital Workplace Study, the growth of Activity Based Working in Australian organisations will increase from 28% in 2015 to 66% in 2020. ABW is significant in its ability to improve communications and introduce more efficient processes.

If you’re planning changes to your office interior design, now is the time to consider whether Activity Based Working is right for you.

What is Activity Based Working?

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a style of office design that allows employees to customise their environment to their individual working style.

Rather than giving employees one place to complete their work, they are provided with a choice of environments. Each designed to support different activities. These may include conference rooms for formal meetings and quiet areas for focused work. Also open-plan areas for teamwork and casual areas for impromptu conversations.

While many people associate ABW with hot-desking, it’s more than just setting up a desking program or encouraging employees to work from home. Certainly these aspects may be incorporated into an ABW program. However the focus is to support employees while they’re in the office, so they perform at their potential best every day.

Benefits of Activity Based Working

Incorporating ABW into your office interior design offers a range of advantages for your company and the employees.

These include:

· Improving workplace productivity and efficiency.

· Supporting business growth and objectives.

· Greater collaboration among people and teams in the company.

· Fostering innovation.

· More face-to-face interaction, with less email and paper documentation.

· Improving talent attraction and retention.

· Supporting environmental sustainability initiatives.

· Maximising real estate space and building management costs.

· Supporting technology trends such as mobility and connectivity.

· Boosting workplace culture.

If you’d like to explore how Activity Based Working could benefit your business, talk to one of our consultants today.