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Biophilic Design

Biophilia refers to the innate bond we, as human beings, have with nature & our natural surroundings. In turn, Biophilic Design takes this bond and applies it to spaces where we work, live & relax.

Biophilic design has gained huge prominence in recent times as the subsequent benefits such as wellbeing and reductions in staff stress levels have become hard to ignore. Here we’ll take a look at b-design & the benefits.

What is Biophilic Office Design?

Biophilic office design refers to an increasing trend of bringing the outdoors indoors, or more precisely, into the workplace. A common misconception is that biophilic design translates to adding lots of plant life and shrubbery. But it’s far more complex than that.

There are some simple principles that we can be aware of, and that can be relatively easy to incorporate into any workplace. Such as: access to natural light & views of the outside, utilising available outside areas, embracing colour, incorporating natural features like woods & stones, including plant life in the workplace, giving staff space & choice. Think ABW.

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Why Biophilic Office Design? The benefits.

Research into the various benefits of biophilic design has gone a long way. Introducing elements of nature into the workplace has been proven to increase staff productivity, creativity and morale.

Improved productivity

Workers with an exposed level of contact with nature are at least 15% more productive, compared to those with minimal contact. This can be attributed to a variety of factors. Including but not limited to better air quality, greater sense of wellbeing, improved concentration levels and/or a greater choice of work settings, including outdoor areas.

Increased concentration levels

Plant life in the workplace can vary from a selection of potted plants, to elaborate living walls, but the end result is the same. They increase oxygen levels in the workplace. Which in turn, decreases mental fatigue and increases concentration levels and overall productivity.

Creativity blossoms

A more stimulating workplace allows creativity to flourish. It can be nurtured through the inclusion of features like artwork, wall art and graphics, but also simple improvements like access to natural light can have a really positive impact.

Enhanced staff wellbeing

All of the above factors play their part in enhancing staff wellbeing, which can have a real tangible impact on the bottom line as staff absence decreases and staff productivity and output increases.

Greater staff retention

As wellbeing levels increases, so too does staff retention which is a key concern for many, if not all companies. Recruitment costs coupled with lost output as new staff members get trained can be substantial. Biophilic office design can help to engage and retain staff by providing them with a workplace where they enjoy working.


Designing office spaces to create inspiring & engaging environments while including biophilic elements will ensure that workers feel great. This is the future of the corporate office: a space that combines the cutting edge of office design with the staying power of biophilia. It’s truly a win-win. There are endless (& easy!) ways that you can integrate biophilia into your office design. It all just comes down to your choice of materials & the feeling that you want to evoke in your employees.

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