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Creating An Inspiring Office Design

A well-designed office is about more than choosing colour palettes and nice furniture. It’s essential to building a positive workplace culture. Improving productivity. Attracting the right clients to your business. Retaining talent.

Whether you’re expanding your company, going through a restructure or want to improve your business culture, office interior design is a great way to achieve your business goals. Here are a few of our interior design tips to help you create a welcoming and productive space that everyone can enjoy.  

Office Layout 

Office layout is an important factor in commercial interior design. It takes into account where individuals sit, as well as where teams and departments are located in relation to each other. It’s important to consider what working style you’ll encourage in your company, before you start redesigning the office space. Will it be open plan to encourage collaboration, or feature private spaces for more focused and confidential work? Click here to read our article on activity based working.

Design Principles

It’s important to make sure your office interior design factors in basic principles. I.e. disabled access standards and toilet access. You’ll also need to consider the unique shape of your office space. Think about which features you’d like to enhance or minimise, such as the acoustics or lighting in different areas of the office. The amount and type of storage you need should also be considered early in the process.

Brand Identity

Your office space should be a reflection of your brand values and business culture, so staff and visitors have a positive experience every time they walk through the door. The reception area is often the first place people see, so it’s important to make it warm and welcoming. Check out our article on how we incorporated branding into a recent client fitout.

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