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Humans are creative by nature. We’re makers, designers, producers, inventors, culture creators. Creating is one of the things we humans are really good at—and it’s also a big reason why we work.

Too many people today are detached from their work and show up only for the pay packet. However financial rewards are not the first things people look for in a career. A sense of purpose ranks much higher.

Here’s how psychologist Barry Schwartz, in a TED talk about work, describes why many of us we do what we do: “It’s challenging, it’s engaging, it’s stimulating, it’s meaningful, and if we’re lucky, it might even be important.”

People long to derive satisfaction from their work. We want a mission to embrace.

The best workplaces, then, are places where work is not bleak or demeaning, but where we can find meaning and purpose. And when we find this, we find that it’s not just about personal satisfaction. It involves a sense of community, of participating in something bigger than ourselves.

Highly engaging workplaces welcome ideas and emotional investment. They respond to common needs and reflect personal sensibilities. They invite us to bring our outside experiences to work.

Developing these successful workplaces depends on good leadership—which includes giving people control over their experiences at work.

It’s the need for options, for flexibility, for work settings that support different types of creativity and interaction at different times of day.

We love open breakout spaces like below.

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As gapingvoid Culture Design Group said – a company with a great culture can do anything it sets its mind to. A company with a toxic culture can barely tie its own metaphorical shoelaces. It’s one of those things that’s so obvious, yet so often overlooked…

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