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Sometimes you need to take it outside

Picture a 20-degree day: blue sky, calm breeze, the smell of freshly mown grass, the distant cry of birds. A small band of colleagues, tablets and coffee cups at hand, gather in lounge chairs under a tree for a moment to connect and refocus. They could be meeting in their team space or a conference […]

Colour Psychology

INSPIRE EMPLOYEES AND INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY The colour scheme selected for any work environment has the potential to have a major impact on employee productivity & workplace wellbeing. Colour can help change perception of temperature, spark creativity and even influence emotions. To quote Picasso ‘Colours, like features follow the changes of the emotions’. […]

Is your design future proof?

Future-proofing your office isn’t just about technology; design plays an equally important role. The two complement each other. Unquestionably, technology can assist in improving efficiency but overlooking your physical office space can be a fatal flaw. It’s about finding that sweet spot where smart design and technology intersect. With the cost of staff turnover increasing, businesses […]

Creative Walls for Workplaces

Walls are essential to any office fitout, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. There are plenty of ways to make office walls creative, while maximising the natural light and space in your office. Our interior design team go beyond paint colours and artwork to create office walls that inspire your team and help […]

The Rise Of Activity Based Working

Globalisation and technology have not only changed how we work, but where we conduct daily activities in the workplace. According to the Telsyte Australian Digital Workplace Study, the growth of Activity Based Working in Australian organisations will increase from 28% in 2015 to 66% in 2020. If you’re planning changes to your office interior design, now is […]

How To Foster Innovation In The Workplace

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your consumers. It’s that simple.” Richard Branson In today’s competitive market, innovation in the workplace is something that all companies strive to achieve. It leads to new ideas, new approaches and new ways of working, which can drive business growth and put your company on the […]

Eighties Workspace Reinvented

Rapid Plas chose to engage Formline Group to re-invent their existing office space in order to create an open plan layout. The building and environment were utilised to improve collaboration and communication between both staff and customers. Formline Group’s in-house interior designer Belinda Gillogly, explains how she subtly incorporated Rapid Plas’ branding into their new office […]

Creating An Inspiring Office Design

A well-designed office is about more than choosing colour palettes and nice furniture. It’s essential to building a positive workplace culture, improving productivity and attracting the right clients to your business. Whether you’re expanding your company, going through a restructure or want to improve your business culture, office interior design is a great way to […]


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