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Ok, so we all agree it’s time to update the office environment. The ideas board is overloaded with fantastic concepts & exciting drawings. But how do we win management buy-in to prove that there will be a substantial return on investment (ROI) in fulfilling this costly & disruptive project? Well firstly, we need to establish what […]

Advantages of choosing a design and build process

Choosing the right construction process for a project is crucial to achieving the desired outcome. Although the design and build method of construction has been available for decades, many people are still unaware of the advantages and how it differs from the traditional design-bid-build route. In this blog, we explore the differences between each method […]

How Office Interior Design Can Boost Employee Productivity and Happiness

Traditionally speaking, interior office design hasn’t been something that employers have considered important when it comes to employee happiness. However, in recent times, successful office refurb has become an important player in the discussion about employee morale and productivity. A good way of looking at how interior office design can affect employee happiness is by relating it […]

Deskercise – How to be Healthy

This blog looks at some of the top deskercises (exercises at your desk) for those who don’t even have the time to nip out for a lunchtime sandwich. Sabotaging your health Apparently sitting for long periods of time is having a negative impact on your future health. Your muscles don’t burn as much fat, good […]


Creating vibrant & engaging offices is a tactic employed by the likes of Google to attract and retain talent. And there’s no doubt that Google manages to maintain this consistency through other strands of its workplace strategy. But many companies make a mistake of just following the Google approach blindly and creating a space that […]

formline group reception

6 Tips to Lift Your Reception

Just like a face represents a person, your reception represents your company. And just like we form an opinion by a person’s face, most visitors similarly form an opinion about your business and how it’s doing by checking out your reception area. Read our 6 tips for lifting your reception to ensure that it’s not […]

Generation Z: Is your workplace ready?

Are you prepared for Generation Z? They’re the demographic group following the Millennials and are starting to trickle into the workforce now. Born after 1995, Generation Z don’t remember life without a smartphone in their pocket. They’re true digital natives. But what do we know about these young people, and how will they impact the […]

Biophilic Design

Biophilia refers to the innate bond we, as human beings, have with nature & our natural surroundings. In turn, Biophilic Design takes this bond and applies it to spaces where we work, live & relax. Biophilic design has gained huge prominence in recent times as the subsequent benefits such as wellbeing and reductions in staff […]

Architect vs. office designer: what’s the difference?

Interior designer. Architect. Draftsperson. Decorator. With so many different options when it comes to creating office interiors, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed from the outset. In this blog we’ll discuss the main differences between an architect and an office designer or fitout specialist (like the team at Formline Group). The Office Designer/Fitout Specialist Each company […]

formline group freelance workspace

6 tips for ideal freelance workspace

One of the biggest perks that comes from freelancing is the ability to work whenever, wherever and even however. There are two types of freelancers; those who work primarily from home and those who rent a co-working office space. As a freelancer, wherever you decide to work there are some basic factors to consider to […]

Formline Group Periodic Table Office Design

Periodic Table of Office Design

Natural light, acoustics, air-conditioning, ergonomic furniture – getting these fundamentals of a workplace right is essential to successful design. Smart companies understand that workplaces are a business tool. An office environment reflects and reinforces a business’s core values, through the placement of different teams, functions and design elements that reflect brand, culture and ideals. We […]

formline healthy office

How your office can keep you healthy

Here’s how you can boost your staff’s productivity through encouraging healthy habits in the office. Remove temptation If there’s always chocolate biscuits in the breakout room, they’ll always be eaten! Ok they might seem innocent, but they’re detrimental to your health. Loaded with sugar, high GI carbs and fat – they’re digested quickly and don’t keep […]


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