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Sometimes You Need to Take it Outdoors

Picture a 20-degree day: blue sky, calm breeze, the smell of freshly mown grass, the distant cry of birds. A small band of colleagues, tablets and coffee cups at hand, gather in lounge chairs outdoors under a tree for a moment to connect and refocus.

They could be meeting in their team space or a conference room, but they opt for the great outdoors. It’s a delicious day and there’s WiFi & power access on the terrace. That’s the favourite spot when the weather is agreeable and they need to discuss or debrief on a project. It’s a great haven for individuals who need a brain break, too.

Team members think of this terrace as their “outdoor third place”. One of those gathering places, like a coffee shop that serves as a relaxing, welcoming, stimulating alternative to the first place (home) and second place (office).

The idea of having an outdoor breakout space on site is the next stage in a movement to bring the third place into the workplace. The move comes in response to workers’ need for well-equipped on-site retreat spaces that encourage both creative collaboration and focused solo work.

Employees, whether they work in-house or nomadically, want environments that do more than just support their work. They want spaces that inspire and stimulate them.

And few settings do that better than a well-appointed work area on a patio, deck, rooftop or balcony.

Formline Group_outdoors  Formline Group_outdoors  Formline Group_outdoors

Working outside can have its challenges, of course – wind and rain being the most obvious. But while we can’t control the elements, we can manage several factors that make for a great outdoor work experience:

  • Reliable internet access
  • Plentiful power outlets
  • Comfortable, functional furniture
  • Sufficient access to shade via pergola, canopy, awning, umbrellas or trees.

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